Node Graph inspired by Juju

I was looking at a few Juju bundle examples and I noticed that in complex graphs, connections between nodes can become difficult to follow. So I took the bundle.yaml config file from the example above and turned it into a small weekend project. I wanted to see if I could find a way to explore the different relations and nodes in a new way.

Turns out, if you map the space around nodes to the number of connections, certain patterns start to emerge - nodes connected to a specific subset of other nodes tend to get closer together, and the graph self-organizes in a way. At this point I wanted to be able to introduce some order in the otherwise very organic looking graph, so I made a few shortcuts:
- dragging selects nodes
- "v" and "h" organizes selected nodes into a grid
- shift + "v" - vertical line, shift + "h" - horyzontal line
- "f" releases frozen nodes

With those, it is really easy to group and organise your nodes as you wish.